Volume issue with 1.3.7

Hope its not my imagination but this version, to my ears, provides a significant boost to SQ. However: (The following is also posted on Computeraudiofile–A+ W10 thread)

So I’ve been using A+ for a couple of months now. Previously, since 2009, I used XXHighend on the original XXHighend PC-- with music streamed to this PC via a remote desktop connection with a music server PC. However, various significant recent problems arose with the XXHighened PC and I needed to look for an affordable alternative as the newest XXHighend PC now runs around 4K US. So, after hearing a friend’s system, I took a chance on an Allo Digione Signature. I now use A+ on my server PC, a Lenovo T530, W10, to send the digital file to the Allo Digione. In Audirvana I have copied the settings my friend uses on his MAC. Those settings make a significant difference regarding sound quality. The OS of the Digione is Volumio. Until yesterday I was able to easily control volume using the Volumio interface/GUI on my ipad. I much prefer controlling volume this way because it is not only a slider, like A+, but it also provides a “touch button” to change volume in 1db increments. The slider in A+ drives my crazy because it is not precise. Well, yesterday A+ updated to the latest windows version and now I am having problems using the Volumio touch button: if I raise the volume say 3 db it keeps sliding back to what the volume was before the change. For example if the volume is at 43 and I raise it to 46, 3 touches of the button, it slides back down to 43 within a few seconds after the change. I then fight with it, repeat this process 3 or 4 times, and it will finally change to what I want, but I have to fight with it. Anyone else have this problem? Hope it can be resolved. Alternatively, is there a way to have A+ change volume in 1 db increments, like with keyboard commands? Greatly appreciate any help with this. Thanks.

“Hope it can be resolved. Alternatively, is there a way to have A+ change volume in 1 db increments, like with keyboard commands?”

In the Mac version, there is a Keyboard Control button under Miscellaneous in Preferences. How about in the Windows version?

So, using the support feature on the Audirvana website, I sent a query yesterday about keyboard controls for the Windows version of A+. Received a reply which said keyboard commands will soon be added to an update. Very much look forward to that; however, the sound of 1.3.7 is such a significant improvement over the previous version that it is worth the hassle. If you haven’t tried it you should.