Volume Leveling - Preserve Album Dynamics

Hi there!

I would like to ask how does the Volume Leveling (ReplayGain) work. I have already searched on the forum but I haven’t seen a technical explanation for it.

No Leveling: Is this how the album really sound without any changes?

Preserve Album Dynamics: I noticed it does affect the audio quality, Am I wrong?

Another point. When I select no leveling, all audio formats have the same output level. However, with Preserve Album Dynamics, only MQA sounds louder.

Which one should I keep to get the best audio quality?

Thank you very much!

You answered your own question. No Leveling is the best option sound quality wise.

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I personally use Volume Leveling because I don’t want to preserve the album dynamics. In a Playlist each song is at a different volume. I want all songs to be at the same volume level and I want soft parts of son to be louder for rock music. I turn it off when listening to classical or jazz.

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