Volume levelling

I once blew a pair of Focal Utopias by not checking my volume level. Thus, I have been using volume levelling; however, I noticed the quality was not as expected on certain HD albums. Checking with Audio Scan, they were expected to be HD but detected as CD. I redownloaded one of the albums from my online account, and it sounded perfect. I then levelled it, which again reduced it to CD quality when using Audio Scan, while expecting HD.

I have read threads here that say Volume Levelling does not change sound quality, but my ears and the Audio Scan tool tell me different.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is this a new bug?

I love this app, and would not be without it. The only reason I commment here is to make it better.

If you run the audio scan without leveling, is it HD?

Yes, and that is how I am now listening. I have checked numerous albums with levelling, and some were HD others not, it was also intermittent on at least one album I tested (Toto IV).