Volume when Playing TIdal MQA

Hi all. I am knew to Audirvana so please forgive any ignorance. I am running windows 11 and sending my signal out via USB to a Topping EX5. I am getting extreme volume fluctuations when listening to Tidal. Specifically, MQA tracks are much louder. I cannot seem to change this and have tried a variety of Volume Leveling settings to no avail.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Just a few assumptions on my part. You use an MQA decoder or renderer DAC and have set up Audirvana accordingly. You use the software volume control from Audirvana. The MQA protocol sends a bitperfect stream to the DAC and therefore cannot apply volume control. If you want volume control on MQA files, the DAC in Audirvana will have to be set as ‘no MQA’.

Thanks I will give that a try.