Voucher already retrieved

When I tried to get a voucher from the general setting, I’ve got
“Warning: voucher already retrieved on 2019-04-28.”
After going to sign up page, I only get a blank in Redeem Voucher window.

I tried to get a voucher long time ago, but I failed to get it.
I hope I can get some help with this matter.

Thank you.

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Good luck with this. I’ve encountered the same issue just last week after purchasing an Audirvana licence.
I’ve emailed Audirvana three times. Only one reply from them, fobbing me off to Tidal (who aren’t the ones who can fix it). Very frustrating. Audirvana offer a kickass product, but their end-user experience (promised, but non-existent YouTube tutorials etc) and customer service skills leave a great deal to be desired.

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Hello @wakingthewolf, sorry that you encountered this issue, unfortunately you created a Tidal account before clicking on this button which is why you had this error. The tidal voucher can only be used for creation of an account by clicking on the voucher, not directly on Tidal website.

And you never got back to me via email to tell me this…why? Appalling lack of communication.

After you sent us a mail we replied you with how to use your TIDAL voucher. Inside this procedure there is a step that clearly indicates the creation of a new account. This step is after clicking the button, not before.

No. I replied to your reply, requesting more assistance and an explanation. I received nothing. I have only discovered this explanation here in this forum. You did NOT send this information to me by email. Your doubling-down here is a little embarrassing.