Voucher didn't work? Out of luck?

Tried twice to get the 3 month voucher. Tidal closed my account so I can start over but it says I already received the voucher a few days ago (when I tried), and it doesn’t work on Tidal either. What did I do wrong?

Never used it, but i think you have To login or connect through Audirvana

@JeffNYC - As stated on audirvana.com, this 3 months free trial of Qobuz HiFi is unfortunately not available in the US.

Our Qobuz contact told us they have missed to include the extended trial period in their US contract discussions with the labels.

I was talking about Tidal, not Qobuz for the three month trial. It didn’t work although it says I used the voucher a few days ago. I used the button in Audirvana to link to the Tidal sign up page.

When I click Go to sign up page nothing happens it just closes. I cannot proceed to setup the account - wgat is the link that it opens please?

Contact Tidal and try to figure it out with them.

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