VST / AU Specific Buffer?

Is it possible to get a setting for VST3 / AU specific buffer?

JRiver has this setting and it clears up the issues I have with Audirvana, when using a convolution plugin on my Mac. I have very scratchy audio when plaing 12 channels at 24/352.8, if I can’t make the VST3/AU buffer larger.

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Hi @chris :slight_smile:

Can you please give me more information about it? What is the goal to have a buffer for a audio plugin? What is the plugin you are using?

Hi @Antoine - I use Hang Lose Convolver for my convolution. When playing these large discrete immersive albums, the VST3 buffer needs to be higher than what’s currently available in Audirvana. With a low buffer, the sound is unintelligible and scratchy. I can reproduce this 100% of the time in JRiver by adjusting the VST buffer.

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Can you send a screenshot of this setting in JRiver?

Here you go :~)

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Do you have a different behavior using with and without real time enabled?

There is no way to use it without realtime enabled. It pops up at playback, and this is the only way to configure it. The configure button never launches it.

Once you configured the plugin, have you tried to remove real time and check if it works better?

Now I can’t get it to work properly.

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