VST Plugins configure doesn't work

After upgrading to the latest MacMini and Mojave from a 2011 Mac mini I can no longer configure the Lineariser VST3 plugin for my HEDD 20 speakers. Previously this worked most of the time. Any tips to get this working appreciated.

You must mean the Audio Unit as this is on Mac.
Is there an update available for this Audio Unit regarding compatibility with Mojave, especially regarding the deprecation of Open GL?
For recent host applications on Mojave, such old API used by plugins for their display is no more functional. Apple has kept the compatibility only with the old host applications, for this deprecated API.

I’ve made fixes for this issue.
Can you test available here
and tell me if this fixes your issue?

Thanks Damien, now works fine. Ever thought about including a way to may your own VST plugin for any speaker. The HEDD lineariser just adds an extra layer to the sound and its all done before the DAC. Also adding a clear version to the screen to allow background through might be a nice addition. Anyway, thanks again. Cheers, R