VST Real-Time processing with DSD

Will it be possible to run plugins real time while up-sampling to DSD in the future? The settings screen represents it as DSP being applied before up-sampling. The original file that I am playing is PCM.

What you are asking impossible with any player.
DSD sound can not be altered without being converted first to PCM.

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Interesting. I was actually playing a PCM file and had AS configured to up-sample to DSD. I never play any DSD native files. So does the processing not happen as represented on the Settings screen? it appears that Signal Processing/Plug-ins are applied before up-sampling.

I don’t know. I don’t use AS, because I did not subscribe to it.

It is not possible to apply DSP to a DSD stream. This is due to the 1 bit principle. It is no problem at all to convert DSD to PCM and apply DSP. Or PCM with DSP and then convert the result to DSD.

You lose some of the advantage of a native DSD file. But that may be worth it.

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