VST3 plug-in window position shifts


After every start-up of Audirvana (Version 3.5.51, Win 10), the window’s screen position of a VST3 plug-in I’m using, has changed. This regularly sooner or later leads to an extent, that the plug-in window can no longer be seen at all.

How to »pin« that plug-in window?

Hello @Audi100,

Which VST3 plugin are you using?


MathAudio Room EQ

Unfortunately this is a Windows 10/11 bug that is happening from time to time on a numerous number of apps which has not been fixed for the moment.

In a way, that every Audirvana 3.5 user under Win 10/11 who uses VST3 window based plug-ins will experience this from time to time? Quite amazing …

Any Windows user in general, not only by using Audirvāna. I have this issue from time to time when I use Visual Studio, even if it’s a Microsoft App :sweat_smile:

Well – I see this kind of issue only with Audirvana and VST3.

And it would come to me as a surprise if I should be the first and only one to complain about it here.

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