VST3 plugin can't be seen in Audirvana

I’ve downloaded the mac version of the VST3 plugin and than installed to my MacBook successfully. I have the latest version of Audirvana Plus. I’ve opened it, but can’t see the plugin in the Signal Processing section. I’ve restarted the MacBook but unfortunatelly I still miss the plugin.
Please, help me to find out, what was done wrongly.
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Me too…
In audio settings i only see AU options, no VST option.

Why do my VST3 plugins not shw in audirvana sound prefs?

Je ne parviens pas activer et voir le plug in et notamment Sonimus sous Audirvana ? des solutuions ? merci

Hello @Solidus, @reddog1 and @Fabrice_Gordo

You won’t be able to see the VST3 plugin in Audirvana for Mac because Audirvana won’t recognize him. In fact for Mac you need to use Audio Unit plugin to be configured in Audirvana. That’s why we only use VST3 for Windows 10 and AU for MacOS.

Can you try to install a AU plugin like the SonEQFree? You can find the procedure to install it at the end of this article : https://audirvana.com/vst-and-audio-unit-plugin-installation-in-audirvana/

Thanks, I was slightly confused. however I downloaded a VST version of SonEQFree and it works…

Sorry, I meant I got the AU version SonEQFree working.

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Thank you Damien for the solution. Indeed, the AU plugin appeared in the AUDIO UNITS section. Now, I have the task to select the proper group of effects and find out the meaning of the listed options. Quite a difficult task for a non-studio guy, however. I will study the article provided by Damien though soon.

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