VST3 plugins UPNP

When will this be fixed?

I am using HLC and I am tired of having to run in real-time, we should be able to use plugin without resorting to real time mode, the performance sucks.

I for one will not renew until all these playback issues are resolved.

It takes away from the enjoyment.

It seems HLC doesn’t function when streaming vis HDCP as well. Wish they would fix this. I resorted to connecting my laptop directly to my dac.

Its not HLC, all vst via upnp wont function correctly under real time. It has nothing to do with the vst plugins or upnp but AS forcing realtime mode. I wish they would fix it.

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As I see it, all signal processing plugins should run in “realtime”… I use the Hang Loose Convolver for Room Correction via FIR filters and another plugin for fine tuning EQ to taste… If it did not run in realtime then how would you expect it to perform its functions on the small signal stream?

The issues is that UPNP is not a realtime protocol nor is TCP/IP that UPNP runs on top of… So, the user interface to these plugins does not function as one might expect, if at all…

The performance on my 2015 MacBook Pro is more than acceptable using both plugins averaging about 4 to 6 percent CPU load using Audirvna streaming Qobuz to my U1 mini streamer via WiFi/UPNP…

Not all that long ago it used to all work so, what you are saying is pointless.

Ask Mitch at HLC, its made to not run in RTM. On other audio engines that support .vst plugins it works fine in non RTM.

Thanks but as it stands its a bug that needs to be fixed.

My point is, Audirvna Studio works fine for me with HCL and a few other EQ plugins, in my system and network configuration…

Obviously your milage does vary… Have a wonderful day!!!

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Tried my i7 de-lid system running windoz11 with HLC+RC FIR filters and an EQ plugin via WiFi and onto the rest of the signal chain… Works as expected with performance reported by AV in the 3 to 7% range…

Just another data point… Have a wonderful day!!!

The point is real time mode is not compatible with many VST’s plus UPNP and should not be a requirement.

It did not used to be.

There was an update that broke stuff and now it’s the only way to enable the plugins properly.

Lets bring back the old functionality regardless of data points and stop defending mediocrity. Have a great day.

Sounds like you are projecting… Don’t play that…

Apparently you have not been using plug-ins for very long… It is common for plug-ins not to function as expected when a host application updates… Sometimes it’s the Host application, sometimes it’s the plug-in designer not making changes quickly enough when they know the Host is being updated…

I don’t understand the logic of not having a plug-in run with real-time control… They all have a primary functionality that is premised on real-time control… It is illogical to insert a plug-in that doesn’t allow real-time parametric control.

The construct of compatibility can be more diverse…
I utilize Abbey Road Studio 3 (AU plug-in) for HRTF virtualization for headphone listening… When playing DXD 352.8kHz files I cannot access the real-time functions of the plug-in… This, primarily because of the processing demands at that sample-rate… everything is functional at lower PCM sample-rates, and this via USB transmission protocol. However, when I use 112db’s Redline Monitor (AU plug-in) for HRTF, I can use the real-time parametric controls at DXD 352.8kHz…

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The OP has pointed out something that doesn’t work in the way he uses Audirvana with plugins. I don’t see the helpfulness of saying “But different plugins or different scenarios work for me.” Either Audirvana will be able to make the appropriate change to allow the OP to use his software as he wants or they won’t, and he will be able to respond accordingly.


Oh, my picture is probably next to “Audirvana fan boy” in the dictionary. :slightly_smiling_face: But I figure the forum is to help improve folks’ experience of Audirvana and/or help improve the software, and this thread didn’t seem to be headed that way.

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Then you should know by now RTM is not a requirement

But the premise of every plug-in I’ve ever used is, they are fully parametric in real-time… So, where your perspective lands, is in the minority

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