VST3 problems---center 50% to the left

First of all. Is there any way to contact Audirvana for customer service?
I’ve had Audirvana for a few weeks. I downloaded trial versions of FabFilter and Voxengo. Cool stuff. I just downloaded trials of GoodHertz’s Can Opener Studio and Mid Side. Game changing stuff for headphone guys.
All of a sudden my image/balance changed with ANY VST3 plugin. With VST3 turned off–normal. Even with all VST3 plugins turned off the center is now 50% to the left. I’ve got 3 Vst3 possible plugins. I thought that the problem was with GoodHertz stuff. But even if I have Fabfilter or Voxengo on all 3–same thing. Even with the Plugins cancelled–none active—same thing. Turn off the VST3 switch–normal. Any ideas?

oh–and I uninstalled Goodhertz—no change

Write to support@audirvana.com.

thanks much—I’ll try that

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