VST3 SonEQ freeware

Hi all

I use the VST3 SonEQ in Audirvana direct from my PC to a B&W Zeppelin connected with USB, it works!
BUT if I select in Audirvana a connection to my microRendu via ethernet, the VST3 dont work, is this normal?

BR Jorgen

Hello Jorgen, you can’t change your plugin settings while listening you mean?

I think I have no acces to the plugin at all!

So when you are connected to your microRendu if you clcik on configure you see nothing?

It sure does, but when I do a setting, I am asked to save which I do, but nothing happens to the sound.

Really strange, i just tried on my side with a microRendu and the plugin worked for me. Have you tried to set the plugin on maximum or minimum on each button to try to ear the difference?

I just tried the highpass on 350hz