W10 touchscreen issues resolved?

Hello, I’m a new subscriber and I am contemplating one of two routes to using Audirvana, largely as a replacement/redundancy for my Sooloos system. I have a NAS with my whole library ripped in ordinary red book quality FLAC rather than the proprietary Sooloos version.

The first approach is using a spare 2012 Mac Mini feeding out either through an Aurorasound adaptation of the M2Tech Hiface 2 or directly into my Meridian Audio Core 200 and thence to Meridian 5200.2 or 7000 active speakers. This seems straightforward.

The second is devoting my Dell Inspiron 2350 i7 23” all in one touchscreen PC through one of the same basic routes as above.

Alternatively I could dedicate a pair of Meridian DSP33s to a desktop system and simply drive them from the USB output through the Aurorasound into the digital input of the speaker as a standalone system.

If I go for the Dell approach, I am concerned that I have not seen that the difficulties reported with Windows touchscreens a while back have been resolved. I can see nothing in the forum, nor on the Audirvana site. Can anybody update me please? Thanks


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