Wacky track time

I don’t know what’s happening. Lately Studio has been really struggling with streaming from Qobuz for me. I know I’m having a ton of problems with UPNP and Ropieeexl, where I have to restart AS and often times the RPi. Now the latest version of Studio, I try listening, I get this. Other times it will just stop in the middle of a track and I can’t recover.

I like Audirvana, I’m almost at the point where I’m going to buy a Mac Mini to hook directly to my DAC to avoid any UPNP problems, as it really seems to be the culprit. But I really do wish Studio worked better for me.

Is this just since the 1.10.1 update? My tracks were playing while the can’t find internet thing was up and counter wasn’t working. I’m thinking that is all about the update issue. You thinking about reinstalling 1.9 perhaps?

It was on 1.10.0. I’m on 3.5 until the license problem is resolved, that was the last straw for me.

I get the frustration, luckily you have 3.5 I have a second computer I didn’t update. Perhaps go onto your account page and suspended your account if you a paid your subscription up.
I’m sure In a couple days it’ll be sorted,

First world problem, fridge is cold toilet flushes we’re good :+1:t2:

I want to continue to support this company but they do make it hard sometimes :wink:

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We’re on the same page. I know not everyone has extra gear, turntable or sources. I need to remember that of course. I’m having a beer :beer: munching some leftover pizza. It’s all good we will lynch them on Monday :joy:

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