WASAPI mode works in exclusive mode

I want to play music while playing some other stuff on Youtube.
However if I choose WASAPI in Audirvana, it works in exclusive mode, the sound from my website stopped unless I stop the music on Audirvana.

But the Roon works well, in both WASAPI, WASAPI exclusive mode.
I like Audirvana but if I cannot make WASAPI works, I have to go Roon forever.
How can I solve it?

Audirvana only plays in exclusive mode, because it needs to have control over the sampling rate of the soundcard and bypass Windows audio manipulation. To do that there is no other way technically.

Audirvana is a program that is made for playing music in the highest possible sound quality. If you want to play in non-exclusive mode (= lower sound quality) than you need to use another app.

But I am curious… why use a high end music player (Audirvana) exclusively designed to play audiophile sound quality and want other noise playing through it (YouTube)?

How to solve it ?
If you want to watch YouTube and have background music at the same time simply do not use Audirvana but the standard Windows media player.

Thank you.
I used to have a lot of audio devices and using Audirvana only for playing HQ music.
After I built another system now I just want a music player that can handle all situations (HQ, Network streaming, UI, etc) when I using WindowsPC
But if it is designed only for Pro then I have to use Roon instead. I think…

You just need to switch off exclusive access to be able to mix audio from different sources.

Does he just need to click the padlock to release audio from Audirvana, not just pausing it when he wants to listen audio elsewhere, And keep exclusive access ?

Turn off exclusive access in Audirvana in Windows for Wasapi or ASIO? Where?

I think the OP wants to hear music in Audirvana and listen to YouTube at the same time. When you click the padlock in Audirvana the music stops.

It’s possible with the macOS version of Audirvana.

Ah I see!. But the OP is talking about WASAPI and that is Windows exclusive. On my Windows version I don’t see an option to turn off exclusive mode :wink: (Exclusive on/off is nowherer mentioned in the output/soundcard settings in Audirvana)

I know that the topic is WASAPI. I said that it is available on the Mac version, because other forum members were saying that it was possible to switch exclusive mode. So I wanted to clarify.

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