Waves Q10 EQ Plug-Ins With Audirvana (AU version)

I am a relatively new Audirvana user. I have discovered that, when I load any of the plug-ins I have, even the Apple AUs, I get no audio out of Audirvana, at all. The AUs load, allow configuration (except for Waves Q10 EQ, but that’s a different story) but when I try to play a song, I hear a few clicks, see the progress bar move a little bit, and then everything stops. At first, I thought the problem was just with the Waves EQ, but it appears to affect everything.

Any ideas at all about why this is happening, and what to do about it? Many thanks in advance

I’m interested in your experience with Q10 EQ. I downloaded and installed it yesterday. It seems as though I can select preset EQs and might be able to customize, however, it displays very small on my iMac Pro, as though it should be on a mobile device.

At the moment, Audirvana won’t play when I load any plug-in. But I am unable to customize or alter the parameters of Waves EQ 10, and it displays for me in a similar way that it does for you.

That’s interesting and a bit disappointing. I’m wondering whether it’s an issue with the Waves Q10 EQ plugin. I purchased the plugin specifically for use in tailoring my Koss ESP950 headphones. The fact it displays so small means it is nearly impossible to make adjustments using the Waves dashboard/control panel.

Some additional info on my chain: 2017 iMac Pro running Catalina > Audirvana 3.5.29 > Benchmark DAC3 > Headphone amps.


This is a specific issue with this Waves plugin, this plugin is not correctly implemented with Catalina since other AU that i have works flawlessly.


Thanks for the reply. Is there another plugin you can recommend to enable EQ’ing?

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