We can't seem to find your account

What’s up apparently my account never can be found.
I own a licence:
" Thank you for your order on 2018-12-03 from http://www.audirvana.com!
We received your 76,16 EUR payment (Visa/MasterCard - 3398) for order 86964839."

I can sign up as much as I want, never get any replay or anything whatever.
Don’t know what I’ve been doing wrong to be ignored.

Please have a look at this matter, thanks in advance.

And Tried once again, but don’t know just don’t function.

"An account could not be found for the provided user ID.

  • E-mail address verified. You can now continue."

I’ve been having the same issue recently. The new website doesn’t recognize my information. It will allow me to request an access code (via Microsoft?), however, once the code is entered the website says there’s no account. I’ve had an account for several months.

I get this as well. The new website that you get re-directed to to log in won’t accept my perfectly valid login credentials. I use a password manager, so I know for a fact my password is correct, but it says I have no account, even going through the access code request.

I have created a new (!) account (yes, I am a customer since 3 years). After the login the system recognized me as old customer due to the same email address some days later.

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