We can't seem to find your acct

I hate to be that guy but YES, the dreaded error “We can’t seem to find your account” is back again !!
How many times are we going to go over this?
Can you please fix it? Again?
I’m even trying a free trial account and I still get the same message!!

I don’t have a legacy version either…I’m trying to create an account to give you my hard-earned money! Thx

Hello @giwrgosp , sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having. Let’s get @Antoine involved. He’s the lead customer service representative. Also send a message to support@audirvana.com He’s on Paris time so have a little patience and he will get you sorted out.

Best luck with it

I’ve fwd’ed the email to support and asked Antoine to assist.
Thank you for the quick response!

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