Weird noise when switching tracks

Hello there

I am currently trying the demo of Audirvana on MacOS Sierra. I bought a Teac AI-503 with KEF R300. I am overall satisfied but I have an issue.

When I play normal tracks and it finishes, then switching to DSD or Flac 24 bits / 192k I have a very high loud pitch sound, like a robot.

Is this normal behavior?

Also, is there any settings I need to change in the MIDI audio menu?

See picture here:

Sadly i have this bug too… switching songs or albums from PCM to DSD only. Was not doing that in older version if i remember well… hoping it will be debugged in the new version coming this fall.

when nothing is playing you can set Midi at max of your dac… like 32-384, but in the end, it is A+ that will be running it when playing songs :slight_smile:


Thanks for your message!

Which DAC are you using?
I’ll try to record the sound, do you mind trying, too if possible?

I’m concerned that sound could damage my set-up.

And just to clarify the midi setting are bypassed by Audirvana, is that what you mean? So I can leave it at 44 or 32-384, that won’t change anything, if I understand correctly?

yes i mean that about midi settings

my DAC is Wyred 2 Sound DSD v2 Special Edition

i posted that already on Computer Audiophille you can see others ansewers about my post there:

Never thought of recording it… done it with my iphone and send it to me… it is a .amr extension ??
but it played on my iMac with QuickTime…

it is just frank zappa speaking for 4 seconds before it end. PCM 16/44 then, the short noise while passing to the other song in DSD64.

put it loud to hear it, but not on your sound system :slight_smile:

Here is the dropbox link since i can’t upload .amr or .zip file here:

Ah mine is different:

I’ll post it on Computer Audiophile and other French forum to get other opinions.

I’ll try other player and see if I can reproduce the bug.

I ditched A+ sadly but use Roon now and very satisfied with it. I’ll go back to A+ once the bug is fixed and the interface more suitable to today’s standard.