What about HLS Media, Apple Music Hi-Res, Dolby ATMOS?

Full support for syncing with Apple Music becomes critical with the introduction of HLS Media. I ask the developers of Audirvana Studio to name an approximate date for resolving this issue in order to make a decision on the renewal of the subscription for subsequent periods.

It’s up to Apple I believe. With their strategy to keep everything in their own hands, I really doubt they would allow Audirvana to integrate Apple Music in the same way as they do with for example Qobuz.

I would appreciate it if it would happen, since I have both Apple One, which includes Apple Music, and a yearly sub with Qobuz. Which is a bit double :slight_smile:

However I wouldn’t count on it happening.

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What is HLS Media?

HLS stands for ‘HTTP Live streaming protocol’ and is an Apple thing.


I installed the program Windows 10 free dolby atmos on Lenovo laptop. I am using ifi idsd bl dac. I’m listening to iTunes. The light shines white. I’m listening 32-192. There’s also the radio.:grinning:

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