What happens when you get a new PC?

As the title says, what happens. I have a couple of back ups (NAS and portable drive) of all my music FLAC’s. On the new PC (thats coming next week) how do I stay with my origin 3.5, does a simple copying process work, or will I have to download 3.5 again, put in my serial number and re populate its music library.
I am getting my PC guru to do all this for me, as I am not well up on PC’s these days

Hi @Peter1,

I can see in our database that you have a 3.5 license, not a Audirvāna Origin license.

You will need to download the 3.5 again and sync again your folder with it.

To install the 3.5, you can go here:


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I just went to look at whats required, and after entering my new e mail (which I did a few days ago) and added ny password, I got this message at the bottom of the screen, highlighted in red… “An unhandled error has occurred. Please contact support@audirvana.com

Have you used your hotmail or gmail account to log?

sorted I hope