What in the world is I2S?

https://youtu.be/VrRV7hAKiIQ I’m posting this to explain my reason for wanting to try the i2s connection

I2S is a great interface, but it’s mostly implemented in the same chassis. With multi chassis devices it’s usually implemented in higher end devices. Especially transports are very expensive. You have to ask yourself whether it makes sense to buy a transport that costs multiple times more than the DAC you have.


You are absolutely right I’m going to try the SD9 and go from the p.c. to the sD9 and from the sD9 to the topping D90se and listen to my library and tidal useing the i2s just to try it out

Is this not just adding another link in the chain ? Unless you need to use Ethernet which can be another can of worms. Sometimes less is more.
The point of diminishing returns is at the upper scale with this setup, I certainly might be missing something here.

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I agree 100%.
In audio domain, not sometimes, but always… :wink: