What is my license status?

I had originally purchased a license for the mac version. I subsequently purchased a license for the windows version. Today I purchased a "convert to cross-platform license which I thought would allow me to enable audirvana on another window machine so I would have one mac and two windows installations. When I entered the license key I got “There are too many installs for your license. Uninstall Audirvana on one of your computers before trying again”

Please tell me what my license status is?

Maybe your license is the same as mine
My license works on both Mac and Windows, but can only be used on one system at a time.
If it is installed on the Mac, it must first be removed in order to install on Windows.

Hello @louis_prime,

I can see that you have two activation on your MacOs license and two activation on your Windows 10 settings. Do you need a removal of activation?

Yes, please deactivate all licenses. So I have 4 licenses?

I have removed all your computers from the license database.

You have two license that can be use on four computers: two MacOS and two Windows 10.

Thank you. Was there any benefit to my purchasing the cross platform license?

Not really as you can already use Audirvana on MacOS and Windows 10 since you have a license for each operating system.


Can you please deactivate all my licenses?

Thank you.