What is sync for?

I am wondering what sync does. I thought that when you sync, the app matches the folder being synced with the tracks display so that if music files are not in the folder anymore, they are taken out of the tracks display. But it doesn’t happen that way. I have taken files out of monitored displays but they still appear in the tracks, even after sync. Can someone explain this to me please?

Frankly speaking, if you manage to get some info on how the sync process is working, I would be more than interested.

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I have been thinking about this. If Audirvana did a “proper” sync, it would eliminate displayed tracks that are not in the monitored folder and include tracks that are in the monitored folder but not displayed. This would eliminate ghost files. Why doesn’t Audirvana do this?

Ghosts files doesn’t exist, so can’t be eliminate :grinning:

But the app controls what is displayed in its track list. If the file is not there, the track shpuld not be displayed. I don’t understand why that is so difficult. Why is it required that the Library file be trashed to accomplish this? Well, I am not a programmer so maybe its ignorance.