What set up DOES NOT work for you with Audirvana Studio

This is true for any software on any computer.

Each new version of a software brings new features, but can also have issues.
Studio has more features than Audirvana Plus. It’s a fact. But there were issues with it. They are fixed and will disappear over time. It’s like that with all the applications.

Yes… These things I’ve learned to be patient around and temper my expectations… the result of having been on the bleeding-edge of these technologies as they have evolved and continue to evolve… I know what works and what may be riddled with frustrations… For me it is simple now…

So you didn’t received any Newsletter since last May? Spoiler alert, you received all of them but I can see they have not been opened for those we made back in September, November and December :slight_smile:

Yes Audirvāna Studio still have issues we need to fix but those things takes time as I need to keep saying this over and over again. Have you seen the release note of the last update? it is really long and we will not stop doing updates like this to fix the issues of Audirvāna Studio. We can’t do everything at the same time, we are not robots and we need to decide which issue is more important than the other.

Oh and by the way, don’t miss sharing your setup since it’s the topic of this thread :wink:


How many manufacturers use this protocol vs UPnP?

I’ll send you my email to be sure, Thanks

Last one received April 2020

I checked with the mail you use to log on the forum and the last one you opened was back in July 2021.

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I must be getting them in spam folder, can you please send one so I can see where it lands? Since I got you could you please reset my 3.5 license, no big hurry I would like to test on M1 MacBook Pro

Thanks in advance

It’s a new protocol.
There are two Linux distributions that I know, and there are a few Japanese devices that use it.
But it’s very good, and over time it will spread for sure to more and more devices.

A player can stream with its existing upnp protocol or with Diretta. It’s not necessary to remove upnp from the player. It can keep its upnp compatibility. Diretta becomes an additional streaming option. More solid and with a better sound quality.

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Ok, It’s interesting we will check it out.

We will surely not remove UPnP, it would be an option to use Diretta as protocol.

Removing upnp would be absurd, because it will cut the compatibility of Studio with 99% of the streamers. Adding Diretta will offer to Studio a clear qualitative advantage if Studio is coupled to a Darietta capable streamer.


My setup still does not work with AS. It never has, and I have less than a week of trial time left:

Music on external drive-> 2018 Mac Mini six-core, 64gb RAM (still the top-of-the-line model)-> Audirvana (no upsampling, effects, EQ, or filters-> 10gb Ethernet port on Mac Mini-> cat 6 Ethernet cable-> Motorola MG8702 modem-> cat 6 Ethernet cable-> MicroRendu-> Pangea Premier XL USB cable-> Schiit Yggdrasil.

I still can’t play a single song. With my setup, this is a music player that doesn’t play music.

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A thousand thank you @OffRode, will be most pleased to do just that.

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Such option will rejoice many people, like this guy:

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Before adding additional protocols, perhaps Audirvana might consider getting UPnP to work reliably? I’ve been using Minimserver/BubbleUPnP/Linn Kazoo pretty much all week with zero crashes or lock-ups. Yes, I know Studio isn’t server-based, but could this be an option in the future? It seems that UPnP software is far more stable when pushing tracks to the renderer, as opposed to the renderer pulling tracks from the software.
Also, honest question, but how many manufacturers implement Diretta as a protocol within their products?

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Few at the moment, because it is a new protocol. But it will be adopted by many for sure, because it is so much better than all the existing protocols.

Thanks @Cloclo

So unless a firmware update becomes available enabling this new protocol (and I’m reasonably certain that the manufacturer of my streamer, Cyrus, wouldn’t release one for my model), then quite a few of us currently having problems would need to purchase new equipment to make use of it.
Studio is marketed as UPnP software, yet doesn’t appear to have the stability of others (which coincidentally are free), yet charge for the privelege of constant crashes and lock-ups.
I agree with you that should Diretta prove more stable then of course Audirvana should take the opportunity to implement it. It’s just that I’d like to see the existing UPnP protocol work as expected.

Diretta is not only stable. It brings a serious sound improvement, and this is the reason for which it is so interesting.


Well, serious sound improvement… I am just trying out Diretta within GentooPlayer. It sounds good, no doubt, clean and neutral. But whether it’s so much better than other protocols, is questionable.

Some time ago, there was all the rage over at Roon with the new VitOS. Because it uses far less resources than others, etc, etc… it sounds so much better. Today, no one speaks about VitOS anymore (at least on the forum).

As far as I know, AS installed on a Windows system works with Diretta, but it doesn’t work with Mac OS. Too bad!!!

It’s good when Audirvana is looking into Diretta, but many users would be first and foremost interested in having those pesky UPnP problems solved.

It works with Windows and with Linux. It’s a good start. The Mac will come later.
Rome was not built in a day. :grinning: