What set up DOES NOT work for you with Audirvana Studio

I’m certain this thread will get very few responses, but in the interest of balancing the conversation with regard to reliability/stability thought I’d start it anyway.
So, I’ll start with my relatively simple set up:

Win 10 Pro i7 Nuc with 8Gb RAM running Studio via UPnP - CAT5E ethernet via Netgear 48 port switch - Cyrus Stream 2 QX streamer/DAC.

Win 10 Pro i7 Nuc with 8Gb RAM running Studio via UPnP - CAT5E ethernet via Netgear 48 port switch - Arcam AVR450 amp.


Yes @Ironz I certainly feel your frustration as you as well as I and perhaps one other person :joy: have some heartburn with some major issues trying to get reasonable performance from Audirvāna Studio as it exists today.
If it’s not on a usb cable you have a 50/50 chance of things going well. That’s the bitch of it seeing some hardware work first time. If it doesn’t work during your trial period please move on as you cannot have any assurance of a quick fix.

Now if it does work right off the bat good :+1:t2: your halfway home, the burps farts and volume jumping around is just personality traits, The spinning beach ball is a entertaining sideline, radio function………no I’m not going there anymore……….done, radio and podcasts should be dropped the team of two have to much on the plate already. Perhaps if they could purchase a operating system such as roon or BluOs has much as r8brain is something purchased from an outside vendor? Right now it’s like me and two mate’s from the pub starting a formula 1 team……probably not gonna make the grid anytime soon.

I’m rooting for me to be wrong really but I’m seeing no fire under any one’s butt , poor @Antoine going in circles try to keep the plates spinning while who knows what’s going on behind the counter, no newsletters no media presence since launch where is Manuel anymore?

So what’s not to love?

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In all honesty, it really DOES hearten me that Studio appears to work in EVERY environment presented to it, and offered by it. This is without doubt proven by the paucity of responses on this thread. I almost feel this forum isn’t really required as no problems appear to be apparent. With the exception of mine (and a couple of others) of course. Damn troublemakers.
Perhaps those dodgy back-street British hi-fi manufacturers Cyrus and Arcam need to take a good, long, hard look at themselves.
Know-nothing shysters :rofl:
Surely if we’re going by the rules of the ‘other’ thread, whereby everything is sweetness and light, with no faults allowed to be mentioned, then surely everything else belongs in a thread where, well, it’s not?

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Well if you notice around half of the WORKS post have a problem listed at the end of the post, it’s just that those “ issues “ are livable and provide some personality to the overall experience, just tweak this change that, good to go. Until you want to change devices or location then back to engineering department to reset all parameters that are different.
I’m just trying to listen to some music not launch the space shuttle :wink:

I’m betting that the other users of the “dodgy crap equipment ( don’t leave out Cambridge or Oppo ) have simply moved on as a logical sane person would. Says something about us I think, sometimes that square peg won’t go into the round hole after all. The secret sauce of Audirvāna sound quality is addictive to some and that’s great, That list is only around ten that don’t report issues and that’s not ever getting into the software part only the hardware, grain of salt in ocean.

Both premises for these posts are pointless and subjectively tied to each and every playback system configuration/environment that Audirvana is operating within… Obviously, there are some common bugs in the UI, etc, and other functional snags in account access and the implementation of updates, etc… It really boils down to the numbers of folks that are satisfied vs those with operational gripes or other specific hardware incompatibilities… Fundamentally, the decision to go one way or another is a personal choice… In my case, my experiences do not correlate with the negative experiences that I read about here… Probably based on my simple approach in system design architecture…


Everything works like a charm(Windows)I am so happy that I ditched Roon & went with Audirvana 3,5 & Studio as soon as it came out, what a wonderful player(someone creates amazing code)it keep evolving, and in a near future Roon will no doubt about it, be in the rearview mirror, with the continues updates Audirvana Studio is performing, & the price: 500 DKR a year is very competitive.
Thankyou for splendid sound & a great UI to look at when playing,
I have 168.000 hi-res+FLAC & ALAC Files+Tidal HiFi Plus & Qobuz Studio Premier.
And one last compliment: Audirvana Studio sound way better than the desktop version of Tidal & Qobuz. :heart_eyes:


Great to hear @Spider that your enjoying it! Make sure to post over at the “WORKS perfect for me “ topic be sure to include a bit more about your audio system. This will be helpful for people to understand what equipment is compatible with Studio. Best of luck with it!

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Quite well said as always! By simple system architecture you must mean that your running an LG television into a Blose system (whatever that is) sounds French so probably top shelf kit.

I’m going to have to rethink my overall system architecture for sure been doing it all wrong perhaps ( old dog new tricks thing going on here evidently ; )

Will have to see if maybe get a couple peso’s from my kef’s to trade up to a Blose and a good quality hdmi cable. I’m totally open minded and won’t be surprised to be quite impressed with this new technology.

r8brain is an open source project.

Good question, but there was no Manual. His name is Manuel.
Manuel DE LA FUENTE, and his job: the Chief Operating Officer of Audirvana.

Maybe I meant the owners manual? :joy: Thank you for the correction , my bad. Where’s Manuel? He’s got a lower profile than bin laden, I’m gonna say let’s put them all on milk cartons. Not one peep out of any of the team, can’t even be bothered to post an album in the lounge. But it’s their ship not mine, steer with your free will amigo’s

Yeah r8brain isn’t secret sauce, Sox either I think nothing wrong with using the best recipe no need to reinvent the wheel, radio is curated by outside vendors ( they suck in my opinion) TuneIn would be so much better. So if there are better ways to implement Ethernet playback do it now, usb is going the way of the dodo bird. I’m testing a new piece of equipment it has no usb b connection it does have a legacy usb A for external drive or usb stick. Everything comes in thru Ethernet and it’s amazing.

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LOL, this is a good one. :rofl:

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There is something. It’s a Japanese technology named Diretta. It’s an Ethernet streaming protocol that produces an excellent sound. Much better than upnp, RAAT, NAA… The improvement of the sound quality is very important. And this protocol is very solid.

The nice thing with it is that it works with any player. Even a player that was designed only for an USB output can stream with Diretta.
It works already with two Linux distributions that I know: GentooPlayer and AudioLinux.

I guess that Audirvana can pay royalties to the authors and add it to Studio.

Interesting information, I see thirteen users of r8brain listed and certainly many that are not on the list. I like the sound of r8brain with no oversample.

The Japanese company is a good idea to look into perhaps for the Audirvāna team, a chef needs the best ingredients or the recipe will fail to achieve the best quality, As @Ironz has mentioned perhaps once or even twice :wink: some of these audio equipment companies are not new kids on the block or one off boutique pieces. But here I go repeating myself, there’s no sense in it actually the people that have to fix it know already. The users that are not willing to bin their expensive equipment must move on and ahead.

If they can get some kind of exclusivity, they will have a qualitative edge for sound quality over all their competitors, in addition to a solid streaming protocol for their player.

:notes: :eye: :headphones: :eye: :notes: Some people want complexity and will pay the price for bleeding-edge technological promises… I’ve been on the bleeding-edge since the inception of digital-audio and computer based music… I have empathy for those that have high expectations that digital-audio systems are inherently flawless in every application and a naive perspective that there exists a consensus on how digital-audio systems behave in the real-world… I know better… I’ve been involved deeply in the evolution of related digital-audio and computer based music production, going back to my Commodore SX64 portable and Apple IIe and Mac SE… I’ve evolved engineering insights that allow me to extract the best performance from digital-audio playback and recording systems.

I understand the hardware + software symbiosis and the performance gains of a well conceived digital-audio playback engine in concert with high-quality playback components and supporting tweaks…

My simple audition system is focused on on thing… to be a transparent lens into the essential contextual elements of any given digital master recording as closely representative of, as reasonably possible, the essence of what the artist, producer, engineer and mastering engineer imbued in the recording … a subjective perception that is mine alone… Everything else outside of this very focused playback system in my world, is a compromise, and background noise-makers of which I have low expectations.

Today there are many reliable ethernet digital-audio transmission protocols, however mixing hardware and software protocols is a non-starter…

All the streamers are sold with various software Ethernet protocols that are a part of the device. Otherwise, no player could stream to them. This software is upgraded from time to time.

Yes… as long as they maintain a common interpretation of the protocol… If one uses something like DANTE it requires a DANTE compatible DAC or ADC…

Sure, you can not stream with Audirvana to RAAT, because the player does not support this protocol. And you can not stream upnp with Roon, because it does not use this protocol. The streamer has them both in its OS, and it makes it compatible with both players. The upgrades of its OS are supposed to improve its protocols and/or to add new features.

It’s a small, specialized computer.

The key word is “supposed” …nothing is a given and without vertical integration, there exists potentials for irregularities and failures…