What sounds better?

  • Windows WASAPI
  • Windows ASIO
  • Windows Kernel Streaming
  • MAC

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Please answer only if you listen to both Windows and Mac for at least few hours.

Missing the option “No difference here”

I’m using WASAPI on Windows, and default options on my Mac. On my equipment I hear no difference between them. Now I don’t have expensive audiophile equipment. I don’t care for that, I listen to music.

My Windows laptop drives an Audiotrak Prodigy Cube 24/96 Black Edition sound card which is hooked up through a toslink optical cable connected to my old Philips FR 966 receiver. Which is connected to a pair of 60’s/70’s era Rank Arena speakers, which I got for free many years ago. They are backed up by a JVC subwoofer. But that one is set on a low volume, so barely adds anything to the mix.

My MacBook Air connects through Bluetooth to a set of Prosonus Eris E4.5 BT monitor speakers in the living room.

AS and 3.5 before it makes for excellent listening experiences on both systems. :smiley:

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Also missing is the “Two tin cans and a length of wet string” option.

These quizzes are never any use, they’re rarely any better thought-out than the old quizzes in ‘Marie Claire’ or any other teen magazine, unfortunately, and tend merely to reflect the biases held by those starting them.


Yeah, as already mentioned, where is the “no difference” option, eh?


When you’ll get your Mini, you’ll compare it to your PC, and then you’ll participate to your poll.

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