When approximately the next big feature/version release?

Now I’m using the trial of Audirvana. It’s going to to expire in a couple of days. I have a very good experience with it compared with my foobar2000 which I used always.

So I’m willing to buy a license. My only question is about the versioning stuff. Now it’s in version ~3.5.xx. Version 3.5 has being existed for a while, I’m wondering when the next big feature/version release? Like 3.6 or 4.0 approximately?

I’m trying to avoid buying version 3.5 now, but the it’s soon upgraded to next version, the I need to pay the upgrade fee again in a short period of time?

Any ideas?

You‘ll get a discount on the upgrade.

I know that, it’s 30%off. But for example, if it’s going to upgrade in 2 or 3 months. Then I can wait

It’s a bit of a gamble always. Who knows, you might not like or need the new version.

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