When playing through my Chord Hugo, sound is distorted

When playing through my Chord Hugo, the sound is really distorted, almost as if it has been run through a bit crush effect. It is almost unlistenable. DSD plays back as just noise. This only happens when playing in exclusive mode, not when playing through the Mac’s default sound mixer. Nor does it happen when playing over Bluetooth or UPnP. This has only been happening since the last update, so I suspect that this may be a bug in the latest release.

Make sure Audirvana is the only device accessing HUGO.

Even after making sure that I have deselected Hugo as my output on the system audio output control, it still sounds distorted.

You’re connected via USB, right?

Yup. The site wants the post to be at least 20 characters, so this is all just filler.

Hmm, do you use the old Hugo or the new Hugo2? Have you checked if there is a more recent firmware for the device?

You mentioned also UPnP. How do you do that?

I am using the original Hugo. I don’t think it has ever had a firmware update for it. For UPnP, I am using Volumio on a Raspberry Pi.

If you de-select the integer mode it plays fine?

I haven’t tried just turning integer mode off, but when I deselect exclusive mode it plays fine.

If sounds like USB issue to me. If you can, try from a different computer.

Unfortunately, I do not have any other computers available to me at this time. It seems strange that this has only been happening since I updated Audirvana, which is what lead me to believe it was an issue with Audirvana itself.

This can’t of course be excluded, but it might also be a coincidence. I don’t think they’re touching that part of the code and there is no widespread issue related to this.