When will Devialet Phantom work with Studio?

English version:


macOS 12.6.7, Studio 2.3.4

Since the first version of Studio, there have been two recurring problems that makes Studio unusable with UPnP and Devialet Phantom I:

1- Studio, most of the time, cannot find the Devialet Phantom I on the local network. It is then necessary to reinstall the Phantoms several times, necessary to access the Phantoms directly through their IP address to declare the Wifi on them (while the computer and the speakers are connected by wire on Ethernet which is a shame!), necessary to restart Studio several times to have a chance to find them !

2- When Studio finds the Phantoms then Studio stops playing after 10 to 60 minutes, the Devialet Phantoms are no longer found. You must then connect directly to the Devialet speakers and redeclare the Wifi so that the speakers are found again

I contacted Devialet support for more than 6 months who, in desperation, exchanged my speakers: without success

I contacted Audirvana support many times, who indicated that he had found that he was indeed having a lot of trouble “seeing” the Phantoms, that they were in contact with Devialet to decide if it was possible to certify this equipment, this more than 2 months ago. I have asked for several times if this certification was in progress without getting an answer.


Can you help me fix these problems that make Studio unusable?

Is Devialet Phantom I in the process of being certified with Devialet with the “Plays with Audirvana” initiative?

When will this certification be available?

French version:


MacOS 12.6.7 , Studio 2.3.4

Il y a depuis la première version de Studio, deux problèmes récurrents qui rendent inutilisable Studio en UPnP avec des Devialet Phantom I :

1- Studio, la plupart du temps, ne trouve pas les Devialet Phantom I sur le réseau local. Il alors faut réinstaller les Phantoms plusieurs fois, accéder directement aux Phantom au travers de leur adresse IP pour déclarer le Wifi sur ceux-ci (alors que l’ordinateur et les enceintes sont connectées en filaire sur Ethernet ce qui est un comble!), relancer plusieurs fois Studio pour avoir une chance de les retrouver.
2- Quand Studio trouve les Phantoms alors Studio s’arrête de jouer au bout de 10 a 60mn, les Devialet Phantom ne sont alors plus trouvés . Il faut alors se connecter directement sur les enceintes Devialet et redéclarer le Wifi pour que les enceintes soient de nouveaux reconnues

J’ai contacté pendant plus de 6 mois le support Devialet qui en désespoir de cause m’ont échangé mes enceintes : sans succès

J’ai contacté de nombreuses fois le support Audirvana qui a indiqué qu’il avait constaté qu’effectivement il avait beaucoup de mal à « voir » les Phantom, qu’ Audirvana était en contact avec Devialet pour voir s’il était possible de certifier ce matériel, ceci il y a maintenant plus de 2 mois. J’ai demandé depuis plusieurs fois si cette certification était en cours sans obtenir de réponse.


Pouvez-vous m’aider à faire corriger ces problèmes qui rendent Studio inutilisable ?

Est-ce que Devialet Phantom I est en cours de certification avec Devialet avec l’initiative « Plays with Audirvana » ?

Quand cette certification sera-t-elle disponible ?

WiFi seems to be the failure point in the network playback scenario you are describing… How do you guarantee WiFi connectivity to a QoS (Quality of Service) that is impervious to interference and signal degradation in your network design? There is no error-correction for digital-audio signals in UPnP protocol.

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I understand but as I said my 2 speakers and my computer are WIRED through ethernet . I mention WIFI because this is Antoine’s bypass (recommended in 2020 - a long time ago !- Devialet DOS 2 connection issue solution) to allow my wired system to be “seen” in Studio . Strange but working . I have to apply this bypass each time there is a disconnection (every 10 to 60mn)… unusable.

I was recently at the Devialet Flagship store at Paris Opera and listened to the Phantoms. I thought they would stream Audirvana but strangely they did stream Spotify. So I think they were aware of this issue.


So… This is happening when transmitting digital-audio signals via Ethernet? Do you have both transmission buses enabled simultaneously?

Devialet and Audirvana are aware of these issues, but there is no progress (since 3 years now) ! I don’t understand.

What happens when you make a simple, direct wire connection from the Ethernet port of your computer to the speakers?

this is what I do.


Can you help me fix these problems that make Studio unusable?

Is Devialet Phantom I in the process of being certified with Devialet with the “Plays with Audirvana” initiative?

When will this certification be available?

And you still get this behavior with a simple Ethernet connection?


Hi @Alain1,

The issue you have is more about the discoverability of the Phantoms. Personally, I do have a pair of Phantom II at home and I never experienced the issue you have. It then means two things:

  1. The Phantom I you have does not have the same onboard network chip and thus, the connection is different between devices.

  2. The UPnP implementation of the Phantom I has flows and we can’t do that much about it as it is entirely on Devialet hands. I do have some insights about it but can’t tell you much about it.

I can’t give you a precise date for it but I do wish the team in charge of those UPNP issues will handle them soon and thus, we would be able to finally reach to an official partnership with them.

Hello @Antoine,
I am pleased that it works with Phantom II , but it does not help me for Phantom I that does not work !
I understand that chips are different between Phantom I and II but the software should be able to compensate the hardware difference.
I’ve been stuck for 3 years between Devialet who swapped my Phantom and told me it should work with UPnP and Audivarna who told me the problem was entirely in Devialet’s hands. I am doubting a lot about UPnP as a protocol for streaming and the ability of manufacturers to make it work.
Can you tell me more on your support line on these “insights” that could help to have a track to solve these problems? (I am in contact with them also).
Best Regards

Hello @Antoine,
Here are the answers from Devialet support "supervisors (in english):
“They told me that for the moment there are no plans to make our products “Plays with Audirvana” certified. Although I do not have more details at this level, I think it is related to the fact that this certificate is very recent, and that for the moment, you are the first customer to request it”
So there answer is clear : there is no chance that devialet Phantom I will work with Audirvarna Studio in the mid term.
I would hope that Audirvana answered more clearly on this topics.
I will stop my subscription with Audirvana.

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