Where can I find what's changed in each version?

Came to find the release notes for latest update and see the “Release Notes” Category is empty.

Are these being posted anywhere? Thanks.

edit: there should probably be a “Meta” category or similar for feedback about the Forum system.

That’s a good question! I am eagerly waiting for an answer.

I think that it is here:


Thanks a lot! I went there before but the change log for the latest versions was not present. I thought the page was obsolete

Hi @robcee @patifr @abraxas

You found it @abraxas, good job :slight_smile:

I will, when i will have more time, put those release notes in the proper category so anyone can have access to it easily.

Have a good day,
Audirvana Support team

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How can i acess all this updates that are listed?or does this list only show upcomming updates in future?i run v3.5.0 on win 10

A change log for the remote(s) would be nice, too…

Another plain page like that one for the main application and a link in the release note category would be great.

PS. about that meta category: [No forum category for application UI issues]

What about Win10 version history?

Agree​:+1::+1::+1: would love to see