Where Does Audirvana Install To?

Out of sheer curiosity: where does Audirvana install to in a Windows machine & how much space does it require?

The installation process is completed online, rather than through a downloaded msi or exe file, with no options apparent during the installation process.

The only place that Audirvana appears is in the Start Menu. It does not even show up in the ‘Programs and Features’ section. I cannot find any folders/files related to the installation, or any indication of how much storage is being used up.

Just curious…

Audirvana behaves like a Windows store app.


I must admit, I would rather have a downloadable *.exe file. I have a Audirvana 3.5 lifetime license, but now I am dependent on the download link on Audirvana’s site if I need to re-install it for some reason. If Audirvana decides not to provide that link anymore (or if the company goes away for some reason) I am screwed.

On my Win10 computer it does show up in the Programs and Features section:

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Thanks Andy, I have now found it listed under ‘Apps & Features’ (not Programs & Features in the control panel).
I changed ownership of the folder so that I could take a peek inside: curiosity satisfied (for now) :slightly_smiling_face:

If Audirvana were to fold, I doubt Audirvana 3.5 would survive that.
Let’s not forget that Audirvana needs to “call home” every so often.

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Yes, you are right of course. A downloaded *.exe file would not be much help here :wink:

see this thread:

Me too. The forcing of using a Windows store app is going to be the deal killer for me. I use Windows 10 that does have the Windows Store, nor Cortana, or any of the “modern” applications. It has all the old ones. And sounds great by the way.

So, on my main computer this version will not load. And I’m not going to hack my system to get it to do so.

Hard to please some people :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: