Where is Audirvana.exe file hidden in Windows program files?

And why can’t I find or select Audirvana when using the “Open with…” option in Windows 10 menu for playing audio files?

First of all, I have JRiver Media Center as my primary and default media player. Nevertheless, it seems I still should be able to right click a file and open it with a different media player that is installed on my PC and capable of handling the file format… such as VLC Media Player, which does appear in the list when I click “Open with…”

I did a Google search but I still cannot find an Audirvana folder for program files anywhere, though Audirvana 3.5 is installed and up to date and fully functional on my PC for over a year now. This means I cannot use the “Search for app on my computer” option when the app is not listed on the list that appears when I click “Open with…” because I cannot locate the exe file.

This is not a big deal. It just means if I want to play a file in Audirvana I have to move the file into the folder that contains the local library files for Audirvana, there is no other way. But it there is a solution to this issue, I’d like to know.

Audirvana program files and configuration files are stored in following 2 locations, respectively:

In general, that is how Windows “apps” (also called Universal Windows Platform or UWP apps) are stored.

But what you really want to know is below.

You can add music folders in version 3.5 here:

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