Where is change log for A+ 3 version ?


When I updated A+ to 3.0.3, I could find it.

Release 3.0.3
Fix native DSD streaming when SW volume control is enabled
Fix upsampling custom sample rate wrongly displayed in preferences
Fix inability to play tracks in some CueSheets
Streaming artists: load more than 20 artists when artists list view is of more than 20 lines
Immediately handle Volume control type change in preferences in user interface
Fix issue preventing playback and ReplayGain computation of audio files with a ‘+’ in their path name
WavPack library update to 5.1.0

Release 3.0.2
WARNING: The MQA devices automatic detection is now optional.
If you have a MQA DAC, you need to enable it in the Audio System page of the preferences.
This is needed as the “are you MQA able?” request send to some DACs make their USB interface crash.
This option will be removed and the automatic detection always active when this incompatibility issue is fixed.
Fix MQA decoding not done when playing to Mytek Stereo 192-DSD
Fix legacy iTunes integrated mode not playing correct track
Remove TIDAL deprecated Discovery category
Fix SysOptimizer reinstallation on Sierra

Release 3.0.1
Fixes DSD to PCM playback rate
Few minor bug fixes

Release 3.0
Major release bringing:
MQA Core Decoder
Improved Audio Playback engine
Minor bug fixes

thank you! were are you find it ?

Just updated the top post.