Where is "date added" feature?

I have seen in some threads the mention of sorting by “date added” in Album View, but I cannot find it. I found under Playlist “Recently Added” but that has some arbitrary cut-off. Can that cut-off date be changed? I looked under Filters, but I cannot find “data added” there. So where is it? Thanks!

I use latest version on Mac.

Hello @NiceStrongArm, Recently Added is good for sorting tracks and albums but why would you use it as filter? You would like to have the content from a specific date when you added it to Audirvana?

I am looking for “sort by date added”, so that the entire library is sorted by date added. It seems that “recently added” has a certain time window. I just try to indicate all the things I tried. Maybe the Audirvana 3.5 manual would be helpful, but that URL gives a 404 error.

The sorting criteria are in Audirvana settings under Sort Criteria section:

Finally understand how this aspect of Audirvana works.

In Library view, the display option of Tracks Albums Artists on top of screen have pre-defined sort orders. Tracks and Artists sort orders cannot be altered in Library view, but you have to go to Settings (gear symbol top right), then go to Sort Criteria to select how the Library is displayed. Artists has a pull-down menu to select sort order.

This is exceedingly confusing. Why not have pull down list for sort order for Tracks and Albums as well, like for Artists? Maybe have a “custom” option for more complicated sort schemes defined in Settings-Sort Criteria. But for most people and circumstances, a single factor sort is sufficient, but easy switch in Library view from say alphabetical by artist to by date would be much better. my 2c.

You can have more than one sorting criteria for Albums or Trakcs, this is why we put it in the setting section. We know that it’s not the most efficient way and we are working on it to make it more simple in the future.

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