Where is the Database Stored?

According to Studio, the database file is stored in the following location:

However, I cannot see this file, even with ‘Show hidden items’ selected. So, where is it?

(Similar issue with 3.5).


According to an old thread,
UWP Apps (like Audirvana) disguise their AppData directory location.

The actual path for you seems to be C:¥Users¥skyri¥AppData¥Local¥Packages¥Audirvana.Audirvana-< string >¥LocalCache¥Local¥Audirvana¥Audirvana¥ .

Try here

C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Local\Packages\Audirvana.Audirvana-4118-9484-d80dbb7827cd_fec4hfhj3emgj\LocalCache\Local\Audirvana\AudirvanaPlus\ AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite

I think the long number might be different in other installation.

Many thanks, I think that has given me the location for 3.5 :+1:

Many thanks. I seem to have found the file in 2 locations, although they have different dates on them:



The file in the second location has the most recent date.

I’m somewhat surprised that they should go to such lengths to keep this hidden: the Program File is hidden & when you unhide it you have to take ownership in order to access it.

Definitely not where Audirvana says it is!

Audirvana is not hiding this from you. Windows is. This is where Windows copies the UWP apps (and/or stores user data) by default. All the apps you install from the Windows store are installed in this manner.

The path (to the database) you see in Audirvana is the information Windows provides to Audirvana.

As AndyLubke points out, it’s not because of Audirvana but Windows.

When I copy and write the db file, I use the first location. So I have no idea why the second one has the newer date. If you want to confirm which location is right, you can simply add some musics and check the date or file sizes of both files. Newer or bigger is the file AS seems to use.

Interesting, thanks for the info.

Okay, thanks for the tip, will try that…