Where is the EQ and DSP IN STUDIO

This may have been asked already I’m a new user in the trial period I simply cannot find if there’s an EQ or a room EQ in studio.

Also having trouble with the output of my dac. It’s just not seeing it If you could refer me to some articles I would really appreciate it Thank you.

You need to load third party plugins for both.

What’s the problem with the DAC? Can you paste the debug info here?

If you are on Mac there are some EQ’s already available. If you Google on VST EQ you will find enough options.

When I started to use Audirvana, I also felt the lack for EQ, primarily because I crave for bass drum kicks (around 48-52 Hz) and I was using a 14-year old, rudimentary, entry level Onkyo subwoofer.

I tried some 3rd party plug-ins (which were not bad!) but eventually, I bought an ELAC subwoofer with parametric EQ and that was it for me. I was able to dial in precisely what I wanted. In this case, fixing the root cause (poor subwoofer) instead of masking it with EQ was a better, long-term solution.

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