Which CD Players fit with Audirvana

Which models of WIFI CD Players fit perfectly with Audirvana ?
I’m actually the owner of a Marantz ND 8006 with which I’ve a lot of problems : after inquiry,
one of the technicians of the seller told me that it was usual with this model to get problems with Audirvana !
Why to sell it to me, knowing before I bought this model, that my purpose was to use it with Audirvana !
It’s typically a default of advise …
I would be very pleased to get an answer about the stuff I have to buy ( rebuy ?) now.
Thanks in advance

Have you tried the USB input ? " from the web : **USB-B : pour connecter un ordinateur (pilote à télécharger pour Windows) et utiliser le ND-8006 comme un DAC externe" .
There are quite a few integrated systems with a bad WIFI implementation out there … furthermore you will benefit from a higher music resolution.