Which SoX filters use Chord Qutest Upsampling 768

Hello, first of all I would like to give Audirvana a big compliment for the sound quality.
I’m currently switching from Tidal to Qobuz and while I always preferred Bit Perfect at Tidal, I really like my Qutest at Qobuz Upsampling 768.
My question, what would be the optimal SoX filter settings? What is the difference to an M-Scaler?
Thanks in advance, Rüdiger

Hi, Rüdriger. After a brief research, i found that SoX will sound “best” with this parameters:

You could try to try the bandwith down to 82 or up to 92 e.g. Always the “best sound” is the one witch pleases you.


Hello Iranlei
Thank you for the answer. I will try and tell.
Best regards Rüdiger

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