White Noise when playing DSD files


When I play DSD files via ASIO, I only hear white noise whereas there are no issues playing DSD files via WASAPI.

The DAC I use is Chord 2Qute and the version of the driver is ASIO 1.04

I noticed that when ASIO is selected, “Native DSD steaming method” is not there.

However when Wasapi is selected, the “Native DSD steaming method” is there.

Also, when ASIO is selected, the supported PCM rates are up to 768 and supported DSD rates are up to DSD512 which are wrong.

I prefer to use ASIO as the sound is more balanced than when using WASAPI.

What would be the cause of this issue, the Chord ASIO driver or Audirvana? Any ideas?


was this fixed, I have the same problem

No. It is still outstanding. I haven’t receive any response to my post.

I guess the issue is that Audirvana uses Native DSD option when I play DSD files. My DAC only supports DoP so that I hear white noise when playing DSD files.

Since there is no option to change DSD Streaming Method to DoP in the Audirvana settings, I cannot play DSD files.

Hello @Korhan, if your DAC only support DoP, why there is a ASIO driver available for it? Do you hear white noise whatever DSD track you play (64,128,254,512)?

Hi @Antoine. Thanks for your reply. I only have DSD64 files which I hear white noise. I believe it will happen with all the sample rates.

As you can see DSD Method is Raw DSD and it cannot be changed to DoP when using Chord ASIO driver.

Any ideas how this can be resolved?

If you try this DSD 64 track using WASAPI and DoP, do you have the issue?

There are no issues when using WASAPI as I can change the DSD Streaming Method to DoP as below.

However I don’t prefer to use WASAPI because I get better sound with Chord ASIO driver.

Can you try with higher sample rate than 64 by downloading the test bench 128 and 256 from 2L? http://www.2l.no/hires/index.html?

Just downloaded a music file (DSD 128) from the link you provided. I still hear the white noise when playing DSD128. Chord 2Qute supports DSD 64 and 128 only so I cannot test it with DSD 256 files.

I think you might contact Chord about this issue as it seems to be bug in their ASIO driver.

Thanks @Antoine. I don’t think that Chord would do anything as 2Qute DAC is a discontinued product.

However I don’t have any problem with playing DSD files using Chord ASIO driver on another music player.

What is the other music player you have tried that work with your device? Does it use ASIO in DoP?

It is JRiver Media Center.

It can use ASIO driver in DoP. Please see the screenshot below.

The version of the ASIO driver from Chord you use is outdated, can you update it to 1.05?

Chord 2Qute does not work with ASIO ver 1.05. I’ve already tried.

ASIO ver 1.05 is for the newest Chord DACs such as Chord Qutest.

Chord 2Qute is only work with ver 1.0.4

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