Why albums are displayed twice?

Hello @fenry, Can you check the complete path of two duplicated tracks?
To do this, you can use the track details panel (Icon label :label: after selecting a track).

If for two duplicated tracks the locations are different, this means these are duplicated files on your disk.
You may then want to check if you can delete one copy.

Hi Damien,
I have the same issue on my mac. I purchased Audirvana early December 2019 and the mysterious doubling of albums happened 3 times until now.
The files are just on my local HDD and I did check their complete file path. The paths are identical.
It would be really great if this issue could be solved and/or if you could add a function to search for duplicates.

For now, deleting the database file solves the problem, but also removes my playlists. Being able to export and import all playlists at once would therefore be a feature that would make a lot of people happy.


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I’ve got the same problem with version 3.5.34. Albums are repeated even though they are not repeated in folders on my Mac Mini (macOS 10.14.6). I’m going to attempt to delete the db but I thought that I should report it.

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@Antoine, I hope you’re monitoring this discussion.

It gets weirder! I deleted the database and tried to recreate it and found that Audirvana would not connect to my DAC even though it still reports that my DAC was the selected Audio Output device.

Then I restored the original db and removed all the monitored folders thinking that I would have a clean slate and start again. Well Audirvana did not clear the db. All the original CDs in the library remained even though there are no monitored folders.

So how can I clean up my database?

Hello @swcng2001, If you restored the original db you will still ahve the duplicates. You need to remove it and create a new one.

When you tried to play some music did you have a error message from Audirvana?

Since last two updates (updated to the Mac version 3.5.35 today), all albums have duplicate or triplicate tracks (running on Mac-mini) apprearing (no duplication of albums, just tracks in the ablums). Tried one suggestion in this thread, removed from the “auto-monitoring sync” window (in Preferences) one of my monitored music folders…this removed the dups, and kept the album & tracks in Audirvana, and they played fine (presuming that any changes to track metadata or other changes to the folder contents, since not in the auto-monitor list, will not be reflected in Audirvana). The dup track issue reappeared when I re-added the folder back to the auto-monitor window. I’m reluctant to do the somersaults of Audirvana Library database deletion, recreation…can there be a simpler way to restore integrity of the link between the music folders / auto-sync & the Audirvana display of tracks? For now, I’ll just remove the music folders from the auto-sync window, and hope there’s a fix in future. (btw, I just looked at my Audirvana on a separate MBP machine with separate device holding library folders…no dups of tracks at all).

UPDATE - after removing an additional folder from the auto-sync window in Preferences, the duplicate tracks for the albums in that folder reduce from 3 to 2. But now Audirvana program is crashing when selecting albums that were in that folder from the “Library” sidebar, but NOT from a smart playlist I have that includes those albums. Re-adding the music folder back into the auto-sync window in Preferences doesn’t resolve the crash, and the program goes through a long sync process when restarting. Getting to be a wee nightmare…probably from my fat-fingered efforts, but it grows ever more unusable. Is the only solution to delete the Library/file and redo the whole thing??

Hello Damien,

Yes. I figured that the duplicates would be there. But, I had no choice since Audirvana was not connecting to my DAC.

I had deleted all my watched folders after I copied back in the original database. The way Audirvana behaves now is strange. Even though there are no watched folders all my albums are still there and I can play any track I like. Removing the watched folders does not remove the albums from that folder.

My question then is what is the right way to clear the database and start with a clean slate? Simply deleting the database results in a DAC connection problem. Which leads me to my second question - why won’t Audirvana connect to the DAC when the database is removed and a new one is automatically created on restarting the app?


Re your question - I did not encounter any problem when I copied in the old database. Everything played correctly and there were no error messages. In addition, the duplicated folders seem to have gone. I did not carry my experiment one step further by adding the watched folders.

You need to do this to get rid of duplicates as we made an update for it last week.

Thank you Damien. Just to confirm, this screenshot is what is in my Audirvana Library folder…I should only delete the DatabaseV2, correct? Or both?

Before removing the DatabaseV2 file you need to have Audirvana closed as the squlite-journal only appear when Audirvana is opened.

Thank you Damien…completed successfully, took a couple hours. Audirvana quit once, when I attempted to adjust the sorting criteria in preferences. Restarted and completed everything without further issue. Two post-mortem observations - - importing/exporting user-created playlists works great, although cannot mass-export (at least I couldn’t see how to do it), but can mass-import all your exported playlists one-step back into Audirvana. Second, the “Favorites” sidebar folder (preset with Audirvana software) cannot be exported, so lost those designated tracks. Otherwise, done, dups are gone, software works fine. Thanks again.

We had request about the possibility to mass export/import playlist and we are working on it for a future update of Audirvana.

For Favorites they are linked to Audirvana so you can’t export it, sorry.

Hello Damien…so, after completing the Library delete exercise, all seemed fine…until today I just noticed that tracks are again duplicated from all the albums in one of the folders that I have in the auto-sync window (I have about 10 separate folders). What is going on??? It just seems to be this one folder, about 50 albums, what’s the next exercise to exorcise these dups? Thanks in advance…

Hello @havy2,

Can you check the complete path of two duplicated tracks?
To do this, you can use the track details panel (Icon label :label: after selecting a track).

If for two duplicated tracks the locations are different, this means these are duplicated files on your disk.
You may then want to check if you can delete one copy.

Hello Damien, thank you…editing/deleting a post I sent just a few minutes ago…I thought I had failed to designate CD number for a a two disc set which then looked like dup track listings, but that wasn’t the case. I double checked the path for the dups I had found…there is only one music track file, but dups in the Audivana album list. As I am checking some other albums, I am seeing more dups arising…I am double checking all the track paths, but no duplicate files, just dup track listing in the album. I have shutdown & restated a few times, etc. I am going to check some of the albums in other folders that are auto-syning…

UPDATE - Damien, I checked a large sampling of all the other albums in Audirvana library from each of the music folders I have in the auto-sync window…no dups noted, so it is only one music folder that is making dups of all tracks in all of the albums in that folder. I double checked that there are not dup music files, there are none (every album from this folder has dup tracks in Audirvana). I have total of 10 folders in the auto-sync window. It is the first of the 10 in the auto-sync window that is generating the dups.

Hello @havy2,

Where are those file located? In a NAS or locally in your computer?

files all located on an attached SSD drive, no on the computer harddrive