Why are you limiting licenses if you're limiting simultaneous playback?


Why are you limiting licenses if you’re limiting simultaneous playback?

I’d like to try your application, but having to purchase an additional license just to put the application on a third computer, even if I don’t need to use it simultaneously, is absurd.

Why are you using this licensing model, and can you please expand it to, say, somewhere between 5-unlimited installs, allowing playback only on a single instance? This is how all of the major streaming services I would use it with work. Is the ability to limit usage not in place, or what? Is it because of the local file management capability? The main advertisement on your site is around audio quality, which only benefits me on however many devices I can use simultaneously. It doesn’t even appear that the library feature is anything extraordinary, where in other apps I can process custom rules to fix my file’s meta-data in bulk.

Can you please help me understand your license structure? Because, this is what has been keeping me from even trying it it for a year now. I don’t want to try it because I don’t want to buy it with that licensing structure. I have 3+ computers, and I don’t feel like I should have to pay for 2 licenses if I only ever want to use it on one computer at a time. Make sense?



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It’s not limiting simultaneous playback. To try to check for simultaneous playback it would be tricky and invasive. Still I would like to see Audirvana on the App Store.

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