Why do I have to always do this?

I often listen to music through my copy of the app, which I have had for a few months now. I wonder why when just for a change of scenery, when I close the app, do I have to re boot the PC, just so I can listen to a track on Spotify or You Tube, as it will not play at all, either the video or the video and accompanying music. Its starting to get a tad annoying, so much so, I am now looking at a competitors app, and see if it hogs the PC sound all the time

For better sound Audirvana take control of your sound…
you just have to hit the lock icon at the bottom right to release your dac…
take some seconds then you can listen to other sources of music…

It is happening to every PC running Windows 10
I have few audio players installed on the same PC ( Audirvana, JRiver Media Centre, Foobar 2000, Neutron, Brio by Ora Stream) and each of them is trying to get over sound path.
Sometimes if I am trying to play in different player and I didn’t close previous player PC is getting confused.
On the top of this I want to play You Tube clip obviously with sound and sometimes nothing helps but just to restart PC because it is impossible to direct sound to correct application.
This is nature of Windows not Audirvana.
Other players doing same thing to Windows OS
I don’t know if Mac OS is any better
Just started for first time to use High Sierra and Big Sur now maybe month ago on older Mac Mini Late 2014

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