Why Do I Have to Stop Remote App and Clearing Cache To Get App to Connect to PC

I’m enjoying the features of the remote app, but why is a force stop of the app and clearing the cache sometimes required to connect to the PC? This happens about 40% of the time. The app is running on Samsung Android tablet and smartphones. The most recent version of the Origin program is running on a Windows 10 PC. I have the notifications turned on for the app. My Android devices have the latest versions of system software and the most recent version of the app from the Play Store.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @12317,

We will do an update of Audirvāna Remote in the coming days that should help for your issue. Once its available, please install it and try to reproduce your issue.


Thank you for the responsiveness and a great product!

The update I was talking about is now available, do you still have your issue after you installed the 5.0 version of the Remote?

I have installed version 5.0 of the remote app on my Samsung smartphone and tablet.

So far the new remote app is better at connecting to the Windows PC than the previous version. No longer need to close the app and clear cache to get things working. My issue is no longer.

Thank you Audirvana and thank you Antonine for following up!

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