Why DSD128 and DSD512 was disabled?


My Audirvana is running in Windows 10 in old generation i7 processor with 36Gb RAM. But the DSD256 and DSD512 was disabled. Is there any other settings that I need to do so that I can upscale to DSD256 or DSD512?

Thanks in advance to your replies

Which DAC do you use? Did you install the ASIO driver?

Hi bitracer, thanks for the reply…

Im using Bryston BR-20 preamp with BDA-3 DAC inside.

After I download thier DAC driver and use ASIO in my Audirvana settings the DSD256 is now enabled but not the DSD512. I think Bryston DAC driver currently can upscale upto DSD256 only. I hope will they will come up with latest DAC driver soon…. as they promised that BR-20 preamp has thier latest DAC.

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