Why I'm not buying

Huge waste of space. I would like to see the artist’s albums (screen shot 1)

It only shows one row of the artist’s albums and only after clicking the “show all” button it brings up more albums (screen shot 2).

Audirvãna is unable to count the correct number of albums in the library. Propably because it simply does not show all albums - see above.

Artist’s albums sorting only from new to old.

Edit: I deleted stuff.


A very f*****g lovely day to you too sir!
Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!

You seem to have a fit over a relative minor UI issue in an otherwise OK performing music player program which no-one is forcing you to buy.

By the way, if you would have bothered to search this forum you would have found that the 2 issues you mention are already discussed and acknowledged and will likely be addressed in a next update.

So get some perspective, take a deep breath, count to 10 and simply don’t buy it (or wait for the update).

Do you also react like that to the staff in a shop when you don’t like the design of a shirt you want to buy? Of course not. So why such behaviour on a humble forum about a music player?
What would Mrs. Manners say?

Have a nice Easter, worry about peace on earth instead and have a good day now :wink:

Edit: The original post I answered to contained strong language and was an angry rant. Now I see the OP has edited his post to a more friendly wording. So my answer does not make sense anymore now, but (believe me) it did then.


You are right- I apologise for an overdose of rant here. I’m actually in a chill mood this sunny morning. :slight_smile:


The issues highlighted by the OP is also an observation I made, So will wait in anticipation for the improvements to be implemented :grinning:.

@Allerwertester, how about an efficient browser, listing all albums by the selected artist, in one convenient column, with an adjacent column that lists other artists or other designated search criteria, instead of all that dead, wasted space? Could you imagine such a thing?

Surely, it couldn’t be possible, here in the 1990’s…