Why is library management so poor?

OK this really isn’t funny.
I just moved computer.
Opens Audirvana and i see all my playlists and folders as they was on previous computer.
Then i looks inside the playlists to see that they are empty
Thankfully the metadata has stayed intact so i know what track belongs in which playlist (except for favorites where the heart has been removed from all of the tracks highlighted as favorites)
Seriously Audirvana WTF!
Audirvana uses Crusty the clown to manage how library management functions?
and there isn’t even an option to contact them directly to try and resolve without having to come here and display all there dirty underwear publicly.
First there is the ridiculous forced track place loss of position in window if metadata window isn’t closed and you click another track to edit (forced to top of page instead of staying in it’s current position something i pointed out months ago as being a big issue and even now after multiple updates still hasn’t been corrected) and now this farcical situation.
But for the quality of the audio i would have jumped ship on the metadata issue and now this has definitely got me looking elsewhere.
All the time and effort i put into organizing and now i have to go through hundreds of tracks again and manually add them to there relevant playlist.
Awful, awful AWFUL management system.
I would have happily resolved this amicably but the mere fact that i am unable to contact you directly has forced me to make it very VERY clear to others just what pitfalls may await them should they switch to this player.

I’m puzzled why you’re surprised. This is how Audirvana works, it just caches the metadata to allow you to search your library and create playlists.

There are benefits to that. You can always recreate the database from the files should it get corrupted. You just delete the database, point Audirvana to the location where your music files are and you’re good to go. Remember just to backup the playlists from the old computer.

To get the behaviour you expected you need a network drive/NAS.

As far as metadata editing goes, it’s just there for utility purposes. For serious metadata editing you need to use an external editor.

For official support you can write to support@audirvana.com.

Thanks for your reply and trying to help and clarify your suggestions.
You have not clearly understood my issues

  1. i did back up my playlists (AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite) and the playlists are still visible on left hand side but when i choose one they are empty.
    all my tracks still have the edited data from the previous computer it’s just Audirvana removed the tracks from there playlist.
    SO playlists still named, tracks still have metadata (except for favorite tracks where the heart has been removed from all of them) but playlists empty.
  2. It’s not a serious editing issue.
    it’s as simple as;
    Artists A-Z in library.
    I am editing a track from an artist within library (let’s say artists name begins with N).
    I edit data (all good) and save.
    Now if i close the metadata window and click on another track from same artist visible on screen then it keeps it’s position in library and i then have to open up the metadata to edit again.
    Slow and not very well thought out.
    Much quicker is keep metadata window open and click on next track, edit and save then next track again and again.
    No not with Audirvana.
    The moment you click on another track (even after having already saved) the library automatically jumps to the very first track in library.
    It’s ridiculous that this has not been picked up on sooner.
    Surely others must see this as a massive issue.
    thank you for contact mail.
    I will contact directly if there isn’t a reasonable enough response soon enough here
    The audio quality truly is outstanding but these 2 bugs have left a bad taste in my mouth.

When I said backup, I meant export the playlists and re-import them again. Some issues are to be expected as the paths to the files might not match on the new system.

You should open a feature request for the metadata editing suggestion.

Hello @PsYAuM,

Can you export one of the playlist and send it to use at support@audirvana.com? WE would also need Can you send me a copy of the “Debug Info”? You can get it in Audirvana Settings>General>Debug Info

Note: By clicking on the Debug Info button, Audirvana automatically copies all its content, all you have to do is paste it in a mail

If you don’t want to post your issue publicly on the forum, you can send it to me in Private Message on the forum but we created the forum so people can help each other as we don’t have hundreds people 24/7 for handling all of the support request, this is why the forum is a good way to start resolving issues.

Seems like the problem is with you, not audirvana.
If you don’t understand how computers work then you probably shouldn’t be using one to stream music.
Hard to make sense with half of what you’re saying, most of it doesn’t even make sense.

I’ve been editing metadata for albums and tracks very easily.
Management and interface is very responsive even with my 42 or so days of hi-res music.

You don’t blame the car if you can’t drive a manual so why blame audirvana when you don’t know how to use it.

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