Why is syncing suddenly taking way longer than it used to?

Up until last week or so, I would regularly press the “Synchronize” button to sync my Audirvana playlists and library with the Music app, and it would take no more than a minute. Now it takes five minutes at the least. Why? What changed? I haven’t done anything to my Music app library other than the usual: add some more tracks, delete others, create new playlists, etc. So what has changed about the syncing process?

Geez!! I am a new user with 150k tracks on a local NAS. I added the folders using UNC. After 3 days, this tortoise of a programs still hadn’t completed scanning. Although it said it had finished but there is a huge amount of missing music. This expensive app(let) is no where near ready for a serious music hoarder like myself. For $96 I expected some thing approaching a robust, mature set of tools. Winamp was a better library application.

Hello @Anthony764,

We have not made an update of Audirvana for MacOS recently. Can you check your database using the three commands in the Maintenance section of the preferences page?

Hello @DartinBout,

Can you try to drag and drop some of the missing tracks in the play queue of Audirvana? Are you able to play them?